Dog Grooming at Home

We’ve got a quick run down for you today, based on the Maggie’s Five Steps.
1. Shampoo and Condition: Be sure to choose a salon-quality product for your regular bathing. Shampoo twice to get your pup properly cleaned, then you must follow with a conditioner to replenish the skin and coat.
2. Apply conditioning spray: Liberally as you begin to brush through the coat. This is during daily brushing and after a bath before you begin to brush out the coat.
3. Brush and comb as you dry: Move around the body with a slicker brush as you dry, making sure you thoroughly dry section by section as you work around the body. Follow up with your comb to check your work. A fine tooth steal comb is your ultimate grooming tool, and gets into the high friction areas like behind the ears and under the armpits to prevent matting.
4. Moisturise paw pads and apply wrinkle balm: Particularly in summertime, where the beach and hot ground can dry out your dogs paw and nose. Adding some moisture to these areas will help prevent painful dryness and cracking.
5. Finish with a cologne: Pet friendly scents can give your pup a harmless, fresh smell that lingers nicely in the coat.
And your done! Coat maintenance is an important part of any dogs routine, regardless of coat type, and particularly if you’re frequenting the beach or want to keep a long coated dog fluffy.
Need to know anything else about grooming? Drop a question below 😊