LickiMat® is a family of unique, innovative, patent-protected, trademarked products designed by vets for dogs and cats.

LickiMats are made from human grade rubber (TPR) and are non-toxic.  LickiMats contain no silicone or toxic substances that could poison your loved ones. 

LickiMats are designed to be: Enriching treat experience, Enriching feeding experience, Soothing and Anxiety-reducing, Boredom busting and Anxiety-reducing

Calming experience, Helpful for thunderstorms and fireworks. Keeping pets busy for extended periods of time

Healthy, Making a small volume of healthy treats last a long timeLess calories, more fun, Creating more saliva – better protecting teeth and gums, freshening breath

Distraction aid for grooming and vet inspections

Making it easier and more relaxing for everyone at bath time
Making it easier and more relaxing for everyone for grooming and nail clipping
Making it easier and more relaxing for everyone during pet inspections and injections

LickiMat - there is no substitute...

14 products

14 products